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Harpers Ferry Airsoft

Play airsoft at our new airsoft field in Knoxville, Maryland. 

Ages 12+

Bring your friends & family to experience the only airsoft field in the Harpers Ferry area!

Our airsoft field is mostly wooded and the size of two football fields. Airsoft gear rental is included in your day pass, and you are encouraged to bring your own. 

Day-pass includes:

  • Replica M4 airsoft gun
  • 1,000 airsoft BBs
  • Face mask
  • Gloves
  • Chest protector
  • Battle dress uniform (available first-come, first-served)

River & Trail is in the final stages of preparing the field for airsoft fun!  We are taking reservations for July, but we may open as soon as June 18th.  Check back for our official opening on social media or our website.

Book online for all-day access on weekends, July 1-November.  $20/person

Discounted whitewater tubing add-on

Save $10/person when you book an airsoft and whitewater tubing combo!  Cool off and relax after  airsoft with a 1-2 hour whitewater tubing trip.  Self-guided tubing trips on the Potomac River depart near the airsoft field, and we’ll bus you back.  

You’ll have the chance to book a tubing trip as an add-on to airsoft when you book your reservation online.  Same-day whitewater tubing is discounted with the purchase of an airsoft reservation.  A Shenandoah mellow tubing option or whitewater rafting is available within a 15 minute drive and also receives the same discount!


Airsoft is a team sport.  Participants compete in various scenarios to be the first to reach an objective, such as capturing the opposing team or obtaining a “flag”.  Opposing players are eliminated by being hit with plastic pellets shot with airsoft guns, similar to paintball.

Playing airsoft relies on honesty. Airsoft pellets do not leave visible markings on their target and hits are not always apparent.  Players who have been hit are expected to call themselves out by shouting “HIT!”

Airsoft guns shoot hard, round, plastic pellets at about 400 feet/second.  Yes, they can sting, cause bruising, or leave welts if the proper gear is not worn! To keep everyone safe, protective eyewear is required and available for rent, and we encourage airsoft participants to wear long sleeves, pants, and gloves. 

Airsoft players are welcome to bring their own airsoft guns, but it is not required.  The all-day airsoft pass includes a replica M4 airsoft gun rental.

Are you ready to play airsoft?  Book now to reserve your all-day outdoor adventure!

Your all-day pass includes 1,000 airsoft pellets, which should be plenty for a day on the airsoft field.  If you need more ammo, you can purchase more onsite or bring your own airsoft BBs.

Your all-day airsoft pass includes a face mask, gloves, and chest protector.  Camouflage pants and long-sleeve shirts are also available, but we encourage you to bring your own clothing.

If you are new to airsoft, keep in mind that being hit on exposed skin can hurt!  Similar to paintball, sometimes airsoft pellets can even cause bruising or welts. 

We recommend you bring your own clothing for airsoft, but do have BDUs (battle dress uniform) available on a first come, first serve basis. 

Pants, long sleeve shirts or a light jacket or sweatshirt are what is commonly worn.  A hat is also a good idea, and closed toed shoes are a must.  

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adventure Add-ONs


Cabins & camping

Small groups will love camping in a cabin in our Loft Rental, located onsite at Knoxville, just up the hill from white water tubing and airsoft. Or, relax at our riverfront campground beside the Potomac River and the C&O Canal, just 10 minutes from our Knoxville location. Tent, RV and cabins available. Bike, canoe, kayak and mellow tube rentals too.

Happy tuber on whitewater near Harpers Ferry - River & Trail Outfitters

White Water Tubing

Add a 1-2 hour white water tube rental & shuttle and save $10/person on your airsoft & whitewater tubing combo! Both trips take place at our Knoxville location. We recommend that you are a strong swimmer and are able to self rescue should you get thrown from your tube! *Discount will be applied at checkout after both items have been added to your cart.

Rafters going down rapids on Shenandoah - River & Trail Outfitters

rafting at Harpers ferry

Add an entry level whitewater rafting trip through 3 states and two rivers to your itinerary! Save $10/person on your airsoft and raft trip combo when you book them on the same day or consecutive days. *Discount will be applied at checkout after both items have been added to your cart.

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