Team Building for Groups

Remote teams and Corporate & Private Groups thrive with expert, fun, outdoor team building programs.

Team Building for Corporate Groups, Remote Teams, & Youth Groups

Serving Baltimore, Maryland, Washington DC, & Northern Virginia

Organizations within the tri-state area turn to River and Trail Outfitters for fun, effective, active Team Building, Corporate Development, and Youth Development programs.

Custom Programs: Low-Impact to High adventure

Programs are individually tailored to meet the specific outcomes required by the participating organizations.  These programs range in scope from low impact, on the ground activities to more exhilarating challenges on our rock climbing wall and on the river with activities such as whitewater rafting. Half-day programs run two to four hours in length and full-day programs may be up to eight hours, depending upon the particular group’s needs. Catered food options are also available.

Now more than ever, Affordable Team Building Delivers Great Results for Remote Work Teams. 

Convenient location close to DC

Located just an hour outside the DC & Baltimore beltways, River Trail offers companies and organizations the opportunity to get outside their zone while remaining easily accessed.

River Rafting


Join us for either a half-day or full day of various land and water based activities led by excellent facilitators. Land activities include games, races, and competitions geared towards developing teamwork, corporate development, and group support skills. After a morning of team building, get wet you bet! Groups can choose to spend the afternoon white water rafting, or on a leisurely mellow water tube float. Minimum 15 people.

Location: Harpers Ferry WV

Availability: April – October

Minimum Group Size: 15 people

A day full of fun! Teambuilding programs are tailored to meet both the needs and goals of individual groups. A typical land-based teambuilding program consists of a progression of activities that aim to bring groups to greater cohesion. The time spent on each level of the progression varies by the amount of time available and how well the group already knows one another. All such programs begin with Icebreakers, to get the group warmed up. Games follow, giving the group the opportunity to engage in more energetic activities or in closer proximity to one another. Challenges and Initiatives are the time when groups really have a chance to push their limits, and engage in activities that allow them to reach their goals such as teamwork, improved communication and demonstration of leadership.

In light of facilitator differences and preferences, and the goals and makeup of your group, we will design specific activities to help your group meet their goals.

Completing the “Getting to Know You” information sheet and emailing it to us at, is most helpful in developing a plan for your specific group.

9:30am Meet at team-building site. Check with contact person for directions.

9:45am-12:30pm Team building fun: land activities and games!

12:30pm -1:30pm Break for lunch (see picnic options below)

1:45pm Leave team-building site and drive to River & Trail to check in for afternoon rafting or tubing

2pm Check in at River & Trail for rafting or tubing.

2:30pm Depart on River & Trail bus for rafting or tubing

5:30pm Finish rafting.

If group is tubing

approx. 4:00 pm Finish white water tubing

approx 4:00-4:30 pm Finish mellow water tubing

9:00am Meet at team-building site. Check with contact person for directions.

9:15am-11:30am Team building fun!

11:30pm -1:45pm Go out to lunch/lunch meeting

2:00pm Check in at River & Trail for afternoon rafting or tubing

*rest of itinerary is the same as above…

*Due to natural weather and water conditions as well as unforeseen factors, the schedule above is an estimate! Please note that this is subject to change


Build team-spirit and a healthy competitive atmosphere on the water!

This unique opportunity offers a fun, fast-paced, competitive environment which facilitates team-building within each individual raft. Participants enjoy “a trip with a view” as they raft one of the most scenic stretches of the Potomac River, passing by historic Harper’s Ferry and the C & O Canal before converging with the Shenandoah. 

Your group will complete team-oriented challenges completing on-water tasks that will challenge you physically as well as teach water safety skills and environmental awareness. This activity is a fantastic way for your group to have a blast while fostering a healthy competitive spirit! 

This takes 2-3 hrs. to complete. Adaptable to adult and youth groups (13+). 

Location: Harpers Ferry WV

Availability: April – October

Minimum Group Size:  15 people

Sample Itinerary

  • 9:00am Check in at River & Trail Outfitters
    • sign waivers
    • use the rest room
    • get assigned your gear
    • meet your trip leader.
  • 9:30am Load on the bus and head to the river
  • 9:45am Receive basic river safety instructions
  • 10:00am The fun begins!!!
  • 1:00-1:30pm Arrive back at River & Trail
Rafters going down the Potomac River - River and Trail Outfitters
Adventure camp bike ride


Bike and Scavenger offers an Engaging Land Activity that Encourages Teamwork and Area Exploration.

This trip offers a great combination of easy & scenic biking with an historical and FUN scavenger hunt in Harpers Ferry.  Participants will do twelve miles round trip of flat terrain biking and 1-2 miles of hiking/walking through Harpers Ferry.  Exceptional river views included.

Location: Brunswick MD
Availability: March – November
Minimum Group Size:  15 people

Start at Brunswick Campground in Brunswick, MD. Cruise west on the C&O Canal using our easy-riding bikes with an expert guide. Upon arrival at the Potomac crossing near Harpers Ferry, dismount from your bikes and take to the Appalachian Trail.

Hike across the Winchester & Potomac Railroad bridge. View the stunning Confluence of the Shenandoah with the Potomac. Once in town, your guide will continue the journey with a challenging Scavenger Hunt through Harpers Ferry history. Have some ice cream and stroll around the place where John Brown took a firey stand on slavery and sparked a nation to war with itself.

Hike then bike back to the C&O Canal on the Maryland side of the Potomac. An hour later you are back at the Brunswick Family Campground. 

Getting to Know You: An Interview Sheet for Team-Building Events

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