Mellow Tubing On The Potomac River

  • Dates: Jun 12 to Sep 19
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Price: $52
  • Includes: Tube, Life Vest, Snack, Guide
  • Location: Brunswick, MD

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Mellow River Tubing On the Potomac River near Harpers Ferry, WV

Join us on this relaxing  3 hour tubing trip on a broad and scenic section of the Potomac.  Known for sightings of the majestic bald eagle and the prehistoric great blue heron, this tubing float offers a great getaway from the more traveled sections of the Potomac River. Lay back, get some sun, and take it all in as our accompanying river guides take care of the details.

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People love tubing on the Potomac River from the Brunswick Family Campground to Lander.  The approximately three hour trip gives them more time to kick back and enjoy the outdoors as compared to our shorter tube floats.   Kids and adults alike enjoy seeing mallards, jumping fish, and water turtles in their natural home. River temperatures on the Potomac tend to be comfortable all season long.

Many people comment that our excellent staff on this Maryland tubing trip is what makes it so much fun! Our guides are trained in the local and natural history of the area as well as water blaster technique and joke-telling skills. They also take care of all the logistics, are there for safety, and maintain a trash-free environment in a National Park setting. Last but certainly not least, they serve you a refreshing snack, allowing for a break and some fun in the sun!


Groups of 15 or more may choose to upgrade the fun with a Riverside Picnic! Standard lunch is an additional $12 per person upon request for groups of 15 or more. Every trip will enjoy a snack consisting of a snack bar, a piece of fruit, and water.  Picnic is available before or after the trip.

Potomac River Tubing

  • Pricing

    *Add 5% amusement fee + $2.50 user fee


    • Riverside snack
    • Guides in canoes
    • Shuttle
    • Quality tube
    • Life jacket

    Group Discounts

    Group 10-19: $6 off/person
    Group 20-39: $7 off/person
    Group 40+: $8 off/person
    Group 50-100: $9 off/person

    Age/Weight Requirements

    7 yrs & 50 lbs

  • Duration

    Approximately 3 hours depending on water levels and routing


    June 12 to September 19.  Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays

    *Other dates and times available for groups of 15 or more.

    Departure Time

    1:30 pm Fridays

    11:30am & 1:30pm Saturdays & Sundays

  • Mellow Potomac River Tubing Driving Directions

    Directions & Dress

    How to dress for tubing:What to wear rafting

    What to bring

    1. dry change of clothes
    2. towel
    3. suntan lotion
    4. glasses strap
    5. water bottle
    6. NO flip flops. Closed toed shoes only.

    Campground Store Supplies:

    • Snacks and drinks
    • Some souvenirs
    • Items you might forget like suntan lotion, inexpensive river shoes

    Closest mapable address: 40 Canal Road Brunswick, MD 21716
    Brunswick Family Campground 

  • Frequently Asked Questions About Tubing Near Harpers Ferry

    Here’s answers to our most frequently asked questions about tubing…

    • Do we need any paperwork?

      Yes. Before each activity a waiver must be filled out. A new waiver must be filled out and signed for each day and for each activity before participating. Waivers can be found under the waivers link on our website. A copy of the waiver can be mailed or faxed upon request.
      Anyone under the age of 18 is considered a minor and must have a parent/guardian permission form filled out prior to each activity. The form is available online or can be faxed or mailed upon request.
    • Are videos and photos available?

      Groups can request a photographer who will take pictures as long as he is available. We also sell waterproof cameras.
    • Where do I sit to stay dry?

      Answer: The Bus. You are going to get wet!
    • Where can I put my beer so it does not get lost?

      Short answer: At home. <strong>Save the bottled fun for after the run. If you show up for the trip intoxicated you will not be allowed to go and your money will not be refunded.</strong>
    • Will my tube trip be canceled in the event of rain?

      We go if the forecast is sprinkling on and off. If the day is calling for heavy rain, we may call you the day before to allow you to reschedule to another day. If you have any questions about weather, please call us.
    • How do I get the tube to move where I want it to go?

      Some people choose to just float. However, if you are about to run into an object or would like to help yourself along, you can use your arms as paddles!
    • Can I wear flip flops?

      Answer: No! Old sneakers or TEVA-type sandals that hook to your feet are the best! Flip flops fall off and no longer provide protection from sharp rocks or possible fish hooks.
    • What else is important to know about clothing?

      Dress appropriately for the weather. Normally, a bathing suit and quick-dry shorts are advisable. A windbreaker/rain jacket is also helpful to keep the rain out and to help prevent tube rash under your arms if you are an avid paddler!
    • Since I am going to get wet, is it at least OK if I wear my warm sweats?

      Answer: DO NOT WEAR COTTON ON COOLER DAYS. Cotton wicks the heat away from you when it gets wet and will cause you to become hypothermic. Wear wool or PolyPro — these will keep the heat in. Sweats are most definitely out, until after you get back to dry land.
    • What about my physical &amp; medical conditions?

      Please inform your reservation specialist before arrival of any physical or medical conditions of anyone in your group. Also inform your trip leader prior to the trip. We highly recommend you consult a physician prior to participating in our activities if you have any concern. We advise all ASTHMATICS to bring their inhalers. We also advise that anyone who has allergies requiring an epi-pin to bring it.<strong>Note:</strong> We reserve the right to refuse anyone participating in our adventure activities due to physical, mental or size limitations that, in our opinion, would expose that person or group to extreme risk.
    • What are the age limits?

      At River and Trail we have minimum ages for each of our trips. Age limits may change depending on water levels and trip formats.
      Minimum Ages:

      • Potomac Mellow Tubing 7 yrs & 50 lbs
      • Shenandoah Tubing 4 yrs (if under 50 lbs must supply own Coast Guard certified life vest)
      • Potomac Whitewater Tubing 12 yrs & 90 lbs.
    • Do I have to wear a life vest?

      Answer: Yes! Always wear your life vest.
    • Should I bring my camera?

      Answer: Like you, your camera will get wet. Things also have a way of going into the river, never to be seen again. This being the case, we would suggest a sturdy strap and a waterproof camera. We do sell waterproof cameras in our outfitter store.
    • Should I bring my cell phone, wallet or car keys on the water?

      Answer: As stated above “Like you, your cell phone, wallet and keys will get wet. Things also have a way of going into the river, never to be seen again.” This being the case, we recommend that you <strong>DO NOT BRING THESE ITEMS ON THE TRIP WITH YOU unless you have a completely waterproof container.</strong> Our guided trips carry cell phones for emergency situations. We suggest that you lock your personal belongings in your car trunk and give your keys to our staff. Watches can be worn if they are waterproof. Keep in mind that River &amp; Trail is not responsible for any of these items mentioned that are damaged by water if you choose to take them on the trip with you. We try to keep dry boxes and bags for cell phones stocked in our shop.

Want To Add A Bike Rental To Your Trip?

Add a morning bike rental on the C&O Canal before your trip! Save $10/person on your tubing trip and bike rental booked for the same day.  Bike rental location is at the same place you check in for your tubing trip.

*Discount will be applied at checkout after both items have been added to your cart.

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