Fall is Coming to Harpers Ferry!

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Fall is my favorite time of year.  Maybe its because I am 74 years old and feel I can see more clearly now.  You can too.

Fall on the River

Look into the river beneath your paddle where clear water goes deeper than before.  The cooling temperatures take away the algae and provide an aquarium like view of the aquatic life below.   A school of fish appears underneath your kayak or canoe and are gone as you move forward.  River bottom plants dance in the moving water, from them swims a turtle and stays in sight for awhile.  Looking upward the sky has changed to a clear deep blue not present at other times of the year.  Across its expanse migrating hawks, geese, ducks and other fowl pass overhead and are gone as quickly as they appear.  Keep looking in hopes of seeing an eagle in flight or sitting in a tree. Their population is growing along the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers near Harper’s Ferry.

Hike or Bike The C&O Canal

Bike or hike the C & O Canal along the Potomac or hike the Shannondale Springs area along the Shenandoah, and you will see fall wildflowers in bloom.  As you approach a stand of tall grass the earth flutters at the rising of speckled grouse.  Look into the mirror of the water beside you and enjoy the reflections of the trees.

Fall brings forth a superfluity of life and colors. You can see clearly now only if you go outside.

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 About the Author

Lee Baihly is the founder of River & Trail Outfitters.  He has been working at it for 43 years.  Fall trips the outfitters offers are by kayak, canoe, raft, bike and interpretative hike.

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