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Hiking in Maryland and Biking on the C&O Canal Make for a Great Holiday Break!

Hiking in Maryland Heights - River & Trail Outfitters

You are probably like most people, in that you get stressed from all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and shopping. There is so much to do and get done for everyone else. There is shopping and wrapping presents, visiting family and friends, baking cookies, going to company parties, volunteering extra hours at church, donating money to all the charities that you can and even working extra hours at your job. But what about time for yourself? I know everyone is short on time but taking just an hour a day can help keep you focused and a little less stressed. Why not take yourself out of the city crowds, shopping malls, and traffic jams and just go out on the C&O Canal for a leisurely walk in the crisp winter air. Whether it is walking on the Canal in the Georgetown area or Harpers Ferry it gives you time for yourself, or for you and your family to stop and reflect on the importance of the holiday season. If you would like to gather a group of friends or family and take a guided hike to refresh and rejuvenate just give us a call. We can customize a guided hike on Maryland Heights, the C&O Canal or test your skills on a Survival Hike in the Appalachians.

Like the idea of riding a bike on the Canal instead. Why not? As long as it’s not snow covered and you dress in layers you will find a crisp December day of biking the C&O a unique experience. You certainly won’t be fighting any crowds on the Canal in December. We can provide you with bikes, helmets and a guide as well as a catered lunch. If you’re a history buff, our Civil War Bike Tour provides an educational experience while peddling! Either way, you are sure to find this trip interesting and stress free. This will surely make a great gift for yourself and perhaps help you find the inner peace we all struggle to keep during the hectic holiday season.

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