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Team Building on Land and Water!

Surf and Turf – Combining the best of land-based team building and fun on the water!

Join us for either a half-day or full day of various land and water based activities led by excellent facilitators. Land activities include games, races, and competitions geared towards developing teamwork, corporate development, and group support skills. After a morning of team building, get wet you bet! Groups can choose to spend the afternoon white water rafting, or on a leisurely mellow water tube float. Minimum 15 people. 


 What can you expect?

A day full of fun!
Teambuilding programs are tailored to meet both the needs and goals of individual groups. A typical land-based teambuilding program consists of a progression of activities that aim to bring groups to greater cohesion. The time spent on each level of the progression varies by the amount of time available and how well the group already knows one another. All such programs begin with Icebreakers, to get the group warmed up. Games follow, giving the group the opportunity to engage in more energetic activities or in closer proximity to one another. Challenges and Initiatives are the time when groups really have a chance to push their limits, and engage in activities that allow them to reach their goals such as teamwork, improved communication and demonstration of leadership.

In light of facilitator differences and preferences, and the goals and makeup of your group, we will design specific activities to help your group meet their goals.

Completing the “Getting to Know You” information sheet and emailing it to us at river@rivertrail.com, is most helpful in developing a plan for your specific group.

Surf n Turf Full-day Sample Itinerary – Picnic on site

9:30am Meet at team-building site. Check with contact person for directions.
9:45am-12:30pm Team building fun: land activities and games!
12:30pm -1:30pm Break for lunch (see picnic options below)
1:45pm Leave team-building site and drive to River & Trail to check in for afternoon rafting or tubing
2pm Check in at River & Trail for rafting or tubing.
2:30pm Depart on River & Trail bus for rafting or tubing
5:30pm Finish rafting.

If group is tubing
approx. 4:00 pm Finish white water tubing
approx 4:00-4:30 pm Finish mellow water tubing

 Surf n Turf Full-day Sample Itinerary – Out to Lunch or Lunch Meeting

9:00am Meet at team-building site. Check with contact person for directions.
9:15am-11:30am Team building fun!
11:30pm -1:45pm Go out to lunch/lunch meeting
2:00pm Check in at River & Trail for afternoon rafting or tubing
*rest of itinerary is the same as above…

*Due to natural weather and water conditions as well as unforeseen factors, the schedule above is an estimate! Please note that this is subject to change

Catering is available upon request.



For Reservations

Call 301-834-9950