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What is Limoncello? Record breaking heatwaves can be beat. Relax on the river and chill with some limoncello.

Native to Italy, Limoncello is liquer that is often served as an after dinner drink or digestive and commonly poured over ice. Similar to high quality vodka, Limoncello – pronounced lee-mohn-CHEH-loh – is store in the freezer. A long-time tradition in the lemon-producing regions along Italy’s Amalfi Coast in Capri and Sorrento, many local families have traditional “family recipes.” But, basic Limoncello is made from lemon essence (outer zest of lemon), sugar, water and clear grain alcohol. The brew is then aged in glass bottle in the dark for about 80 days to create its sweet satiny, lemony loviness.

FYI: Actor, Danny DeVito brought Limoncello to the headlines, when he appeared on ABC talk show “The View,” either drunk or very hung over from generous consumption of Limoncello the previous night.
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