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The new look of River & Trail Outfitters near Harpers Ferry, WV

River & Trail Outfitters


All good things must change and evolve with time! River & Trail Outfitters near historic Harpers Ferry, WV is very excited to release our new logo. After 38 years in business we have found a great logo that represents exactly who we are and where we came from on the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers. Checkout the brief description of what our new logo stands for and how we came up with the design.

The swoosh design represents the “confluence” of two rivers, three states, and good people from all over. The blue represents water, and the green represents the trail. It also has an element of the yin/yang symbol which represents balance & harmony in nature, as well as recognizing the East/West heritage of our founders Mr. and Mrs. Baihly.

The meaning behind the logo is a very interesting story and I hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to stop in the Outfitter shop on your next Raft, Canoe or Tube Trip and checkout all the new logo merchandise.

See you on the river soon…

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