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Working A Job You Love In Harpers Ferry, WV

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As a 19 year old I was looking for a new job and some friends told me about an opportunity to work for a whitewater rafting company. I thought, whitewater rafting company? Would that be a good fit for me? So, I figured why not try it, what do I have to loose? I went in for a interview to be a reservationist and was instantly sent out on my first raft trip down the Shenandoah River. When I returned to the outfitter the manager ask me how I liked it and if I would be interested in a job. Still dripping wet in my interview clothes, I quickly replied “YES” and began to train as a reservationist and raft guide. As the years past I have learned every job from food service to management. And I have continued to return season after season to work at  the job I love in Harpers Ferry, WV.

But why? Why after 12 years have I not moved on to a new career? Is it the money?…Surely Not. Is it the benefits?… Maybe, in a way. Working at a whitewater rafting company is like no other job! What job do you know of that includes “have fun” in the job description? Don’t get me wrong, we are very serious about making sure guests have the very best experience during their visit. But part of the guest experience comes from the fun and positive work environment. Another thing I love about working at an outfitter is that I meet new people everyday. I feel good about my day when I have spoken to a guest on phone for information and then I hear the stories and see the smiles after their trip. I love my job and these are only a couple of the benefits that have kept me working at a whitewater rafting company in historic Harpers Ferry for the past 12 years.


As I prepare to move into my 13th season I encourage anyone with a passion for customer service and adventure to Go Play! River & Trail Outfitters has many seasonal positions available and most training is provided. You only live once…you never know, you may find just what you are looking for.


See you on the river!

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