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Everything you need to know about tubing in Harpers Ferry

tubing in Harpers Ferry


What comes up when you search “ tubing near me “ in the Washington DC metro area?

Harpers Ferry Tubing!

Only one hour from the DC and Baltimore beltways, Harpers Ferry is known for its historic National Park as well as for its outdoor recreation.  Tubing is among the most popular outdoor activities available in this area, and tubing trips range from relaxing to thrilling!  Kids, seniors, 20 somethings, and even your dog can participate.

River & Trail Outfitters offers three tubing trips to choose from in the tri state area around Harpers Ferry, WV.  

Shenandoah River tubing takes place a few miles upstream of Harpers Ferry, WV. The Shenandoah mellow water tubing float is great for guests who want a short and convenient trip where cars are accessible at the end. Dogs are welcome on this trip, and the age requirement is 4 years old and 50lbs.  

The Potomac Peaceful tubing trip is a longer tubing trip that is guided and comes complete with a snack stop for some rest and relaxation on a river island. On the Potomac River tubing trip, guests will float a serene and more secluded stretch of river while watching blue herons and occasional eagles take flight.  

On our Potomac whitewater tubing trip, guests will float right by Harpers Ferry National Historical Park. The whitewater tubing trip is great for people looking for adventure and who have kids that are least 12 years old and 90 lbs.  Guests will walk up a steep hill at the end of the trip, and you will have to use your arms to paddle through rapids and ripples. This is an active and adventurous trip for relatively strong swimmers. 

How long is tubing in Harpers Ferry?

The Shenandoah tubing trip takes approximately 1-2.5 hours to complete depending on water levels. Depending on availability, we will send guests down the river multiple times. 

Potomac Peaceful tubing takes approximately 3 hours depending on water levels. 

The Potomac whitewater tubing trip takes approximately 1-2.5 hours to complete depending on water levels. Depending on availability, we will send guests down the river a second time.  Guests may also stop on rocks for some sun and relaxation.

What do you wear tubing in Harpers Ferry?

We recommend that guests wear water shoes, old sneakers, or sturdy sandals such as Chacos or Tevas. We do not allow bare feet, flip flops, or slides on any of our trips for safety reasons. Socks do not count as proper footwear.

During warm weather, we recommend that guests wear sunscreen, sunglasses (with safety strap), and hats. Some guests wear their bathing suits, other guests feel more comfortable wearing quick dry shorts and/or sun shirts. We also recommend that guests bring a reusable water bottle with a way to attach it to the tube handle such as a big locking carabiner or piece of rope.

what to wear for tubing


Can you take a cooler tubing?

Coolers are welcomed on the Shenandoah mellow water tubing trip. You can reserve a tube for a cooler when you make a reservation. Our cooler tubes fit up to 36 quart coolers and include a strap to attach it to your tube.

We allow small collapsible coolers with straps that can be tied to your tubes on both of our Potomac River tubing trips.  

Do you need water shoes for tubing in Harpers Ferry?

You do not need water shoes for tubing. However, you need to wear footwear that will stay securely on your feet such as sneakers, water shoes, or study adventure sandals. Shoes are required during Harpers Ferry tubing to protect guests feet from sharp rocks, glass, or metal that may be found in the river.  River & Trail Outfitters sells river shoes at all of our tubing locations.</sp

What company should you tube with in Harpers Ferry?

River & Trail Outfitters is the oldest and most experienced outfitter for Tubing in Harpers Ferry.  We have 4 outpost locations in and around the Harpers Ferry area to provide a convenient and less crowded check-in experience for our guests.
We were founded in 1972 by Lee and Eunsook Baihly. Lee’s vision was to provide everyone with access to outdoor recreation, because he understood how access to nature can improve peoples’ lives. We were founded as a family owned and operated company, and we are still a family owned and operated company. We are focused on providing our guests with quality outdoor experiences where they can make meaningful connections to nature. 

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