Antietam Kayaking Tour & Brunch Near Sharpsburg MD

  • Dates: May 28, Jun 24, Jul 29, Aug 19, Sep 23
  • Duration: 4-5 hours
  • Price: $99
  • Includes: Guide, equipment, shuttle, local brunch
  • Location: Sharpsburg, MD

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Discover History –
Antietam Civil War Kayaking Tour

Voted one of the top 60 paddling streams in North America by Canoe & Kayak Magazine editors, Antietam Creek is the perfect venue for recreational kayaking. A scenic stream graced with stone arch bridges, Antietam offers wildlife sightings of blue heron, ducks, turtles, and beavers. Beyond its natural beauty, you will float under Burnside Bridge on Antietam Battlefield, one of the most famous sites in Civil War History. Our qualified instructor will give historical interpretation at this site and entertain you with the turbulent tales of this war so crucial to our nation’s history. Paddling the riffles and ledges of this beginner whitewater stretch will keep you guessing what lies around the next bend.

To prepare you for your trip, brunch will be served outside the historic Newcomer House in Sharpsburg, Maryland.

Natoma Reed-Vargason, owner of Cookie’s Cooking Company, is committed to using the highest quality ingredients supplied by local growers, allowing her the opportunity to create a market inspired menu that’s spontaneous, local and seasonal.

Tour Information

  • Pricing
    $99/person is all-inclusive

    Kayak rentals, guide, all equipment, brunch & tip, parking

    Add a 5% amusement fee + $2.50 user fee/person

    2018 Dates

    Memorial Day Monday, May 28
    Sunday, June 24
    Sunday, July 29
    Sunday, August 19
    Sunday, September 16 FULL
    Sunday, September 23

    *Other dates are available for groups of 15 or more.

  •  Kayak & Brunch Itinerary

    11:00 am Meet the group at Newcomer House
    11:15 pm Brunch
    12:15 pm Put on the water
    3:30-4 pm Take off the water and shuttle back to cars

    *Trip length may vary according to current water levels
    *Two person canoes may be substituted for kayaks at certain creek levels
    *Specify in the “Additional Requirements” what boat you would like to use
    How many:

    • Canoes (2 person)
    • Tandem kayaks (2 person)
    • Single kayaks
  • How to dress for river activities:What to wear rafting

    What to bring

    1. dry change of clothes
    2. towel
    3. suntan lotion
    4. glasses strap
    5. water bottle

    River and Trail Outfitters Store Supplies:

    • Snacks and drinks
    • Trip Souvenirs such as t-shirts, hats, and patches
    • Items you might forget like suntan lotion, inexpensive river shoes
    • Quality outdoor gear such as kayaks, canoes, and paddling gear
  • Directions to the Kayak & Brunch

    The Newcomer House 18422 Shepherdstown Pike (RT.#34) Keedysville, Maryland 21756

    The Newcomer House is where the Antietam Creek Kayak & Brunch will meet to park, have brunch, and then walk across the street to launch at the Rt. 34 bridge. It is located 5.3 miles from The Rt. 40 and Rt. 34 intersection in Boonsboro, MD, just after the hard-to-notice Antietam Creek Bridge. It is about 4.6 miles from the Rt 34 bridge that crosses from Shepherdstown, WV into Maryland. There is also a large white historic barn across the street, catty-corner to this location.

    Good lodging for the night before or after this trip can be found close by at the Inn Boonsboro (high dollar) which belongs to the famous author, Nora Roberts. The Bavarian Inn in Shepherdstown, WV or the Thomas Shepherd Inn Bed & Breakfast are other lovely choices.

    The Newcomer House was built in the 1830s alongside the Boonsboro Pike (Route 34) near Middle Bridge across Antietam Creek outside Sharpsburg. It is within Antietam National Battlefield. The farmhouse and 2.5 acres were purchased from a private inn-holder by the NPS in 2007. The 2,000-square-foot house is in good condition. Repairs made by the previous owner, who used the house as a small private museum, met the Department of the Interior’s standards. The house is adjacent to a statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee and also near the Pry House. It witnessed the Battle of Antietam on Sept. 17, 1862. The house can be seen in historic photographs taken immediately following the battle. Washington County is part of the Heart of the Civil War Heritage Area, and the Journey Through Hallowed Ground National Heritage Area.

  • Brunch Menu

    Paddlers will not be disappointed with brunch selections prepared with farm fresh eggs, fresh seasonal fruit, salad greens, tomatoes, eggplant, cucumber, beets, summer squash, herbs handpicked from our own gardens and locally raised beef, chicken, pork or lamb from farms owners who have embraced environmentally sound methods. Enjoy the opportunity to dine alfresco. Please let us know of any food allergies or special dietary needs at least 3 days ahead of time.

    Sunday, June 24

    Miniature dutch baby pancakes garnished with fresh strawberries & whipped creme
    Smoked trout spread with crostini
    Bacon and sausage
    Parmesan hash browns
    Includes coffee, tea, bottled water, juice

    Sunday, July 29

    Buffalo chicken sandwiches with a blue cheese slaw
    Frittata with sausage, mushroom & cheese
    Salt Potatoes
    Fresh melon
    Blueberry coffee cake
    Includes coffee, tea, bottled water, juice

    Sunday, August 18

    Watermelon gazpacho
    Open faced smoked salmon sandwiches
    Raisin bread pudding
    Salt potatoes
    Peach cobbler garnished with yogurt and granola
    Includes coffee, tea, bottled water, juice

     Sunday, September 16

    Sausage, roasted red peppers, sauteed onion, parmesan, mozzarella cheese sandwiches
    Sweet potato salad
    Sauerkraut with apples
    Apple crisp
    Includes coffee, tea, bottled water, juice

    Sunday, September 23

    Butternut squash soup
    Scottish eggs
    Spinach & feta stuffed phyllo
    Sweet potato salad
    Pumpkin cookies
    Includes coffee, tea, bottled water, juice

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