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Drawn to the Water; Kayaking & Canoeing near Harpers Ferry WV

It’s no secret that people are drawn to the water. Our coastlines and lake shores are lined with homes and cottages. People across the country own a sail or power boat for pleasure or for work purposes.

Purchase a Canoe or Kayak from River & Trail Outfitters and your interest in waterways will grow to include many places where those larger boats just can’t go. You’ll find yourself straining from the seat in your car peering over every bridge railing you cross to determine whether you can paddle the water below or not. You’ll want to grow your bragging list of “places I’ve paddled,” beyond the Shenandoah & Potomac Rivers and the Antietam Creek we run kayak & canoe trips on, to include all the streams, creeks, and rivers, your skills will possibly allow you to paddle in your area. You may even begin to include your canoe or kayak in vacation planning by looking at the map for any navigable bodies of water where you are headed.

Your plan to paddle any unknown waters should always include a call to a local paddle shop where you can speak to a knowledgeable source about hazards or if the route is even passable. River & Trail Outfitter employees are regularly contacted for just this type of information about the waterways in our area and we are happy to help build bragging lists for folks. Our helpful staff offer not only advice but we also sell local maps (some are waterproof) and books with specific details about water ways in MD, WV, PA, and VA. For you local paddlers drop in and check out Ed Gertler’s book MD and DE Canoe Trails. It is our best seller. See you on the water.

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