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Some trips are running longer due to lower water levels.

Kayaking Participation Stats



Kayaking is accessible for everyone that will get into the water. Beautiful rivers (like the Potomac River) provide companies (like River & Trail) with the perfect location.    


According to the NSGA’s 2011 annual “Sports Participation – series I and II reports,” participation in kayaking grew nearly 27% to 7.1 million participants in 2011. 

“The overall percentage leader (sports participation) was kayaking, which showed a 26.6% increase to 7.1 million participants. Several other activities with fewer than 10 million participants showed increases in 2011, including cross country skiing (2.3 million), 11.5%; and target shooting-shotgun (9.5 million), 2.0%.”


River & Trail Outfitters offers specialty tours in the Harpers Valley region. Click here for kayaking adventures.  

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